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Building on more than 25 years of experience, California Controlled Atmosphere (CalCA) is dedicated to providing the finest and most comprehensive service for our customer’s industrial refrigeration needs.


CalCA is an employee owned company. We specialize in mechanical systems design, installation, and maintenance for product cooling and cold storage/ freezer facilities. Today the company features a broad range of services including consulting expertise to help our clients comply with Risk Management Program (RMP) and Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations. Our controls department also provides the most advanced automated control and energy management systems using a wide variety of control platforms.

Setting the Standard

Founded in 1984 by Ray Kliewer, the company has grown from a small family operation to a multi-million dollar corporation. Part of our success we attribute to our tenacity and willingness to take on the problems and challenges that others have backed away from. Another contributor is the effort and lengths that we take to stand behind our work which has led to many long-term relationships with our customers and accreditation by the Better Business Bureau of Central California ( And today we are aggressively taking steps to keep our customers ahead of the curve with compliance issues, partnering to develop a comprehensive PSM software package.

Department Summaries

Engineering & Sales
The engineering department at CalCA has over eighty years of combined experience in the refrigeration industry. All of our engineers hold degrees in Mechanical Engineering and are under the direction of a licensed ME. Furthermore, an engineer will be personally involved with a project from concept to completion, spending much of his time out on the job site overseeing the installation.

While the trend of some refrigeration companies is to outsource all of the installation of their piping and equipment, CalCA has chosen to train up and maintain our own construction crews. We believe in keeping close tabs on quality and workmanship and know that it is best accomplished by those that are trained by CalCA and vested in our good reputation.

Parts & Service
Our customers cannot afford downtime, our parts and service department is structured to provide the best and quickest response possible. The ability to respond to a critical situation starts with having the necessary parts on hand. That is why CalCA has over $600,000 of parts in stock and often makes sales to other contractors as well as our customers. The other half of the equation is our qualified and talented technicians that are available 24/7. Of course the best scenario is to avoid problems in the first place, which is why many of our customers rely on us for mechanical integrity inspections and preventative maintenance contracts that are tailored specifically for their needs.

With the rapid changes in computer and controls technology the challenge for any company is not only to provide the latest in technology, but something that will not become obsolete in five or even ten years. While we have extensive experience with a variety of PLC packages, the center of our preferred control system is a software package that operates on a standard PC computer and interfaces with separate I/O hardware. CalCA has control systems that were installed in the mid 1980¬ís still in operation which have only required updates in the software and PC computers to stay on top of the latest technology. Our controls department also set the standard long ago by obtaining UL® certification for the control panels that are built at our facilities.

Risk & Process Safety Management Programs have taken a central role in the operation and maintenance of ammonia refrigeration systems. Once again CalCA is on the front lines and has been for the last ten years. Whether it is providing training seminars, assistance with a program audit, or developing the complete program platform, few can boast more knowledge and experience when it comes to RMP and PSM programs for facilities with ammonia refrigeration.

Since its founding in 1984 CalCA has built a solid reputation as a leader in the industrial refrigeration industry. Not content to rest on our laurels, we are continuing to position ourselves to retain that lead role for years to come.























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