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Morris Levin & Son introduced the latest in ozone technology to the Central Valley at the 2005 World Ag Expo, and then again more recently at a seminar for local dairymen and calf ranchers. The response has been extremely positive, as they were able to show how plain, cold water that has been enriched with ozone is a powerful, safe, cost saving means of sanitizing facilities and equipment..

How does it work? Simply put, ozone doesn’t like microbial substances. It attacks bacteria, cysts and viruses, virtually exploding the cell from the inside out. It is 3,000 times more effective than chlorine in killing germs like E. coli and salmonella. Ozone has been used for years in the food industry for disinfecting and cleaning meat and fruit, and is used extensively in processed food and bottling plants for sanitation. In fact, most of the bottled water that you drink has been “ozonated” – that’s why it is clean and pure!

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When you mention the word “ozone”, most people immediately think of the layer of air surrounding the earth that protects us from the sun. What we are talking about here is an ozone generator (a fairly small piece of equipment) that uses electricity to change oxygen to ozone gas, that is then pumped into a tank of water. This “Ozone Enriched Water” is plumbed to a high-pressure hose station, creating a multi-functional and easy to use sanitation work area

Locally, Ozone Enriched Water (OEW) is being used at a calf ranch in Tulare to soak and rinse tanks, calf bottles, nipples and other equipment. Their cost savings have been exceptional because their micro counts are down using NO chemicals and NO hot water. Their equipment, bottles and nipples look brand new after a simple three minute OEW rinse, with no smell or biofilm residue. In addition, there is no negative effect to the environment as no extra water is used, no chemicals are used, and once the sanitation process is completed the ozone converts back to plain oxygen.

What can it do for you? Well, wherever you are using hot water and chemicals to clean your equipment, pens, tanks, lines, bottles etc, you can save money AND improve your micro swab results by using cold Ozone Enriched Water. Ozone Enriched Water can even be used to spray down cows and soak hooves – it’s completely safe! The applications for this process continue to expand as we identify more potential uses for OEW in the dairy industry.

Call Del Freitas or Mark Barcellos at Morris Levin & Son today. Let them explain the process, answer your questions, and if you like, take you on a tour of the OEW system in use in Tulare. See for yourself how Ozone Enriched Water is changing the future of dairy sanitation.