Control Systems

With rapid changes in technology, industrial refrigeration companies are faced with a unique challenge: How to offer customers advanced controls systems while ensuring that those systems will not become obsolete five or ten years down the road.

CalCA has the solution. While we have extensive experience with a variety of programmable logic controller (PLC) packages, the center of our preferred control system is a software package that operates on a standard PC computer and interfaces with separate I/O hardware.

CalCA Controls: Technologically Advanced, Never Obsolete

  • Instead of replacing entire controls systems, CalCA integrates simple software and PC upgrades to keep pace with the latest technologies. This approach results in incredible cost savings and maximum uptime for our clients. In fact, CalCA customers still operate control systems that were installed in the mid-1980s.
  • Our controls department set the standard long ago by obtaining ULĀ® certification for the control panels that are built at our shop.

Replace Your Out of Date Control System with a CalCA Solution

Did another company install your soon-to-be obsolete control system? If so, call CalCA. Over the past few years, we have changed out over a dozen complete control packages for new clients. Often times, much of the cost of the upgrade has been offset by energy rebates received along with the new state of the art system.