Screw Compressors

CalCA is home to the Central Valley’s finest screw compressor rebuild shop.

In the past, refrigeration screw compressors in need of an overhaul had to be shipped hundreds of miles away for repair, meaning significant downtime and lost profit for businesses. But that is no longer the case. With the addition of our rebuild shop, your screw compressor can be overhauled locally, saving significant time and money.

The CalCA Screw Compressor Rebuild Shop: Fast, Local, Affordable

  • CalCA’s state of the art facility allows us to rebuild screw compressors in-house with fast turnaround times.
  • Our rebuild technicians are trained by factory personnel and receive support from manufacturers when necessary.
  • We use OEM parts on every compressor we rebuild.
  • All compressor overhauls are subject to CalCA’s quality assurance standards. We stand behind the quality and thoroughness of our work.
  • Screw compressor overhauls are part of CalCA’s Predictive Maintenance Program and performed in conjunction with our vibration analysis services. In most cases, this approach will give you extended usage of the compressor beyond what a traditional “Preventative Maintenance Program” allows for.